A female Customs and Excise Officer was yesterday (Sept 17 ) hospitalized after a colleague reportedly attacked her by biting and beating her. The Observer was reliably informed that the incident took place at the Customs building at Bird Rock yesterday morning. The male Customs Officer apparently ‘tripped out”and launched an attack on his coworker, was the word reaching this media house. It was reported that other Customs personnel were present when the incident occurred and while some ran others tried to assist the female officer. Reports are that the male Customs Officer was detained until police could arrive. The female was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. Upon investigation, The Observer was informed that the male, a resident of Sandy Point, had been exhibiting “weird behavior”recently which had prompted complaints from his coworkers. Various sources indicate that the individual was “mentally ill”and his employers should have known he was on medication and what happens when he stops taking it. More and more accounts have since surfaced as to the alleged “crazy”behavior of the individual spanning back several months and at different jobs he has held. Up until the time of publication it was not known what prompted the alleged attack, if the male Customs Officer was charged with an offense, nor the extent of the victim’s injuries.