Dancers Display New Styles

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By Suelika Buchanan

The Observer

Enlightening, inspirational, educational and awesome were words used by the 11-member group to describe the two-week summer training exercise at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York they attended.

The skills and dance technique they learnt at the dance theatre were then recently imparted upon some of the dancers in the Federation last Saturday at the Youth and Community Centre on Victoria Road at a Master Dance Class.

Participants attending the class learnt techniques such as the Horton Technique that was executed by Heidi Slack.

The Martha Graham Technique is a floor exercise that was executed by Lisa Nisbett, while progressions of the Katherine Durham Technique, which gave the participants a real work out, was done by Vanessa Pinard.

Winding down to the simple combinations of Jazz Modern Technique was executed by Nisharma Rattan-Mack, which the participants seemed to have enjoyed the most.

The techniques were done by members of the Ensemble and were completed in 20 minutes.

Attending the workshop and lending her support was the Department of Culture’s Dance Specialist Ava Henry who applauded the CFBC Dance Ensemble for this initiative.

“I would like to applaud the Ensemble for taking dance to the next level in St. Kitts, this is a worthwhile avenue and it pays off when you work with the department you can achieve great things,” she said. “Being a dancer in St. Kitts, you seldom get the respect you deserve and some even see it as a hobby.”

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