Dancing Queen survives two bullets

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By Saju Ng’alla

Two lovers, one bed — uninvited, come a barrage of bullets: and the lovers are shot.

In this story the lovers don’t die, instead they are happy to be alive — to continue being together.

The shooting incident took place early Wednesday morning at about 2 and 3 a.m.

The couple, 17-year-old Dion Roberts and 21-years-old Divonne Thomas, were a sleep at a house in Neverson Street, Newtown, when they were awoken by sounds of gun-shots.

Roberts was shot in the hand, and Thomas had multiple gun shot wounds, one in each foot.

“I got up and called the police and the ambulance,” a heavily sedated Roberts said on Wednesday, at the JNF Hospital. “Then went outside to wait for them.”

Roberts, however, did not want to talk about the incident, he just wanted to sleep on that day. Before he dozed off, he said he could not think of anyone who would want him dead.

The next day, on Thursday, it was a different story. Roberts was all smiles as he sat next to Thomas’ bed at the hospital.

“I’m just happy,” Thomas said smiling, and then she pointed to Roberts, who had a heavily bandaged hand. “… I’m happy because I’ve got him.”

Roberts shyly smiled and played with his bandages.

Both of Thomas’ feet are broken, and yet she smiled and joked around with people who came to visit her.

“That is how she is,” a co-worker said. “She loves to smile and chat. And, she loves to have a good time. And, she loves a good boat ride.

“It is a shame her legs are broken, because that girl loves to dance. Whoever shot her knew what they were doing.”

On Thursday a number of  Thomas’s co-workers came to visit her at the hospital. They brought fruits, water, cookies and goodies for Thomas to enjoy.

Even her boss came to visit.

“He brought her a pack of chewing gum,” a co-worker said.

“I know Divonne,” the boss said. “I know what she like. I know she likes to chew gum.”

Divonne just laughed and stuck her tongue out.

Clearly, she was happy to see them.

“Why should we be sad and mad,” Thomas said, as to why she was not depressed about the shootings. “We stronger than that.”

The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is appealing to the general public for assistance in their investigations into the shooting incident.

Any person with information relevant to the investigation of the incident should contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 465-2241, extension 236 or 466-8351, and can do so anonymously.

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