Dear Editor:

The fatal accident the other day by the driver of a bus with a medium sized truck carrying debris showed once more to what excess speed and rowdy driving manners can lead.

I know as well as anyone else that one should not talk bad about the dead but the bus driver involved in this accident had a particularly bad character. He overtook me more than once at most dangerous stretches of the Main Road without any visibility at all and the road clearly marked with a continued white line.

On one occasion, when I encountered him a short while later parked in town and went to him to draw his attention to the breaking of laws, he got offensive and started abusing me… It nearly got physical! I told him there and then that from now on I would carry a camera and not fail to report him to the Police should I find him doing the same again. He just laughed.

As I understand it, the same person was responsible for other another grave accident before this one. Well, this time the man upstairs in his great wisdom decided it was time to take the causer’s life, and not that of a bystanders or of someone who came the opposite way as it mostly happens.

However, as we all know, there are more than this one one bus driver speeding on the Main Road in vans that are often only minimally maintained, with tyres that sometimes are as smooth and flat as baby skin… In my opinion, the Police should be much more strict with all bus drivers, first when they take their exams, and then when they inspect their vehicles. And every time they find them speeding or overtaking in dangerous places, they should be fined, no exception, even their licenses withdrawn.

And another thing: I know for a fact that many passengers, especially female, are afraid to ride buses because their drivers speed and they are afraid to say anything because the drivers are rude. These passengers should be encouraged to come forward and report such drivers to Police, and be fully protected with anonymity.

Respectfully submitted.

S. Fahrni

Zurich, Switzerland