Deal reached for lights at Sabina Park WICB/CMC May 10 — KINGSTON, Jamaica – An agreement has been reached between two companies in Jamaica to install lights at Sabina Park, one of Caribbean cricket’s favourite venues. The Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) has confirmed that a partnership has been brokered involving Consolidated Energy partners which will act as supplier and contractor for the project. “Sabina Park Holdings has entered into an agreement with Consolidated Energy Partners, a member of the Genco Group Of Companies, for the provisioning of floodlights… (at) Sabina Park,” said JCA President Lyndel Wright in an interview with the Jamaica Observer. “It was topical whether or not Jamaica would have lights. Now we can say lights certainly are coming – and coming to a value of about US$2.1 million”. Sabina Park Holdings, consisting of shareholders from the JCA and the Kingston Cricket Club, is the body in charge of maintenance and management at Sabina Park. The group was set up in preparation for the region’s staging of the 2007 International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup. “The funding… it’s going to be financed by the supplier. The lights will be GE lights and they will be very good… ,’said Nigel Logan, a director of Sabina Park Holdings and the chairman of its lights committee. “(they will be) excellent for cricket and have definition similar to what you see in the IPL (Indian Premier League)…(it will be of) first-rate quality”. Jamaica remains the only leading Caribbean cricketing nation unable to host international night matches. Kingston is currently a franchise holder for the inaugural Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Twenty20 tournament – set for July 29 to August 26 this year – but runs the risk of losing that status if lights are not installed. “We have been trying for a long time and certainly it looks like we are now seeing the light..,’said the JCA President. “We must say how happy we are that this has now materialised at an appropriate time with the Caribbean Premier League just at the doorstep of the Caribbean”.