Decorum Has Returned Editorial It was a pleasure to have watched the sitting of the National Assembly last week as Speaker Franklyn Brand took control and over was restored. The Honorable Speaker of the House, sometimes with a smile on his face, called out the various members of parliament asking them to be quiet while other members were on the floor speaking. The speaker handled the session with dignity and the members respectfully complied. When Vance Amory got up to speak, there was some mumbling but the Speaker cautioned members to be quiet. Mr. Amory ‘whispered’ aloud “Not to worry Mr. Speaker, they will be quiet.” Indeed they were. The chambers got quiet and remained quiet all through Mr. Amory’s presentation. Not one person disturbed Amory. We cannot help but mention here how Vance Amory has emerged as the country’s most eminent elder statesman. His speech, his deportment and the contributions that he makes whenever he is to speak in the parliament. Not to mention the sterling contributions that he is making to the Unity government in power in St. Kitts and Nevis. Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris often speaks of Mr. Amory’s sterling contributions. He admires Amory as a wise uncle. We want to commend former Prime Minister, Dr. the Honorable Denzil L Douglas for the statesman’s way in which he conducted himself during parliament’s last sitting. Even when the facts differed in the Prime Minister’s statement to what Dr. Douglas knew them to be, Dr. Douglas did not immediately respond, instead, he waited until his time came to speak and took time to calmly respond to Dr. Harris, setting the record straight. We commend both sides in the parliament for reestablishing decorum and we praise Speaker Brand for a job well done thus far.