Defence Force to PAM: Put up or shut up

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By Klieon John

St. Kitts Reporter

The St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force is responding to concerns raised by PAM party leader Lindsay Grant about the force’s role in local law enforcement.

Grant stated in a media release that they had always had concerns about the operation of the army. A recent statement issued by the defence force said that they viewed the statement as ‘an attempt to besmirch the good reputation of the force and to bring into disrepute its professionalism.’

The issue of the party’s concern was publicly strengthened after the shooting death of Clyde Williams, which is alleged to be caused by the force’s own Lewis Richards. The statement went on to say that his allegations were politically motivated and fueled only his own interests.

“The SKNDF condemns this shameful attempt by Mr. Grant to use a very unfortunate incident to gain political traction. The force calls on him to stop dealing in generalities and to articulate the specific concern of his party.”

They maintain that their intentions are to support the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force and act in the best interest of civil safety.

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