Soca Monarch semi finals

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-The Soca Monarch Semi-Finals were held on Friday evening and  the line-up of those who will suit up for the finals on Christmas Eve with first time competitors Dejour and Lil Miss lead the categories following their performances at Carnival Village.

Though a small crowd had gathered for the event, artists aimed to make an impression on the judges in order to make a berth in the finals to try and unseat Nicha B and Mr. Hype who currently hold the Groovy and Power titles respectively.

Groovy Soca Segment

With 18 artists on show, eight were selected to move on to the finals.

Totaling 454 points, teenage song sensation Dejour topped the Groovy category with his popular tune Don’t Care as he got some of the crowd to stand up and become engaged.

The performer then told the audience to let his parents know that for Sugar Mas he does not plan to behave nicely and he does not care if they see him doing so.

Following closely on his heels was Rucas HE who amassed 451 points with the rendition of his ‘Sway’ song. He had audience members doing the sway dance that closely choreographed what he was doing on stage.

Third was Shanna who totalled 436 points with ‘International Girl’ while Xman (Session Starters) and KT (Loose Me) were tied in fourth place with 433 points.

The other Groovy Finalists are Vybz, DJ Woodis and Pinocchio who will aim to become the 2016 Groovy Monarch.

Power Soca Segment

Newcomer Lil Miss followed up on her strong performance in the Power Eliminations with another top performance of her tune ‘XOXO’ amassing 423 points. Though small in stature Lil Miss’ powerful voice captivated audience members causing them to jump and get wild with her dance moves.

One point behind Lil Miss however, was the performing duo of LAX and KT with their performance of their song ‘Big Truck’ that garnered 422 points.

Third was former Groovy and Power Soca Monarch TakeOver who’s exciting performance of ‘One way or another’ totalled 388 as he had members of the crowd running from one side to the other.

In the end seven were chosen to compete against reigning monarch Mr. Hype. The other Power finalist are Shanna, Daddy 2 Sec, Foxy and X-Man.

The Semi-Finals were hosted by former soca artiste Ranking Skeff.

Calypso Eliminations

Former Calypso King Socrates leads the pack of 18 coming out of eliminations and heading into the Semi-Finals of the Senior Calypso Monarch completion.

The seasoned calypsonians who had a brief retirement stint captured top spot with a point’s tally of 277 after following the two night elimination performing his song ‘The Bridge’.

Following close behind Socrates was two other veteran performers in Calypso Craig and Daddy who both amassed 272 and 271 points respectively.

Lil Miss Atitude or Lil Miss who also recently topped the Power Soca rankings heading into the final also was a top four finisher with her ‘Check Me in January’ hit.

The other Semi-finalists include Lord Kut (259), Lucious (258), Godfrey (254), I-Soursop (253), Lady Diva (251), Queenie G (250), Queen Kibbie (247), Hollywood (244), Jungle Lion (238) and Princess P (227).

Out of the more than 40 calypsonians, 18 were selected for the Semis as opposed to the customary 16 due to two ties between Mighty J and King Irvin who both scored 241 points and Singing Jackie and Lady B who got 235 points.

The Semi-finals of the Calypso Monarch will be staged Dec. 18 when seven participants will be selected to challenge King Astro in the Finals on Dec. 29.