By Monique Washington

The question about if Delly Ranks, who won both the Groovy and Power Soca competitions in Culturama 42, will be stripped of one of his Soca crowns can be put to bed as the chairman of the Soca Committee has confirmed the “judge’s decision is final.”

Delly Ranks made Culturama history when he won both competitions. A Soca artist who competed with Ranks questioned the originality of the Ranks groovy song “Tina leh we whoops” as similar to a song by Lord Nelson, “Leh we oops.”

According to competition rules, “Compositions entering in the competition must be original and must not have been entered in any previously organized contest in the Federation of St .Kitts and Nevis, the rest of the Caribbean or internationally. Where there is a complaint where the composition does not conform to the requirements, the complainant must produce recorded evidence to support the complaint.”

Speaking with the Soca Committee Chairman Keith Glasgow on Thursday, he noted that an “official” compliant about the originality of the song came after the results were given indicating that Delly won the competition. Glasgow noted that a recorded proof must be given that a song is not original and no proof has been given. Glasgow explained said he does not see any “foreseen changes.”

“There was a meeting with the complainant where there was a question of originality in Delly’s song,” Glasgow said. “The string band would have performed the song but they decided to collaborate with Delly to do the song, but never released the song. Even though the string band produced the song the song was not officially released.”

Continuing, Glasgow said “The string band decided to collaborate with Delly to release the song as a Soca song.”

Glasgow pointed out that the string band was a part of Delly’s song for the competition and appeared on stage the night of the competition.

“I don’t know if it is settled with the complainant, but I don’t see any changes,” Glasgow said.

Rankings will be announced and winners and participant in Culturama 42 will receive their prizes on Saturday at the Cultural Village at 8 p.m. Culturama was held from July 21 to Aug. 2. Delly will receive $7,500 for each crown he won.