Dental Corner – Dental Abscess

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An abscess is the collection of pus following any infection, occurring within the body. When pus accumulates in relation to a tooth it is known as dental abscess. It can occur following an infection around the root of a tooth, in the gums or within the jawbone.


1. The most common cause is tooth decay. Tooth decay is a slowly progressing infection destroying the tooth and its contents. This infection descends down from the pulp to the tip of the roots and spreads into the surrounding bone. The pus formed is a result of this infection.

2. Injury to a tooth from a fall or blow can also result in a dental abscess.

3. Bacteria or food particles trapped within the gums or between the tooth and the gum can cause an infection resulting in an abscess.

Medical problems such as diabetes can result in frequent occurrence of dental abscess.


1. Pain associated with or without chewing

2. Redness and swelling in relation to the concerned area

3. Difficulty in swallowing

4. Foul tasting discharge within the mouth

5. Foul breath

6. Fever

To be continued

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