Department of Agriculture to Host Second Annual Pork Festival

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The Department of Agriculture will today (May 26) hosts its second annual Pork Festival with the introduction of a new pork product.

Speaking with the Observer May 24, Permanent Secretary of Agriculture Eric Evelyn noted that there is still a large pig population on the island and pork is a highly consumed protein. He said that the festival did so well last year that organizers decided to host it again and to make it an annual event.

“We introduced it last year for the first time [and] it went well, we are bringing it back this year and it is going to be an annual event,” Evelyn said. “We want to show [people] the range of dishes made with pork and the range of products [available]. We want to encourage [people] to consume more pork, a white meat considered not as bad [for your heald] as red meat. So, we are encouraging people to consume more pork,” Evelyn said.

This year the event is in collaboration with the community development department to coincide with its “Community Development Day.” The event begins at 9 a.m. at the DR Walwyn Plaza in Charlestown.

Evelyn said that the theme for the festival will be the “same theme from open day, when we select a theme we carry throughout the year,” he said. This year’s theme is “Embracing Climate Smart Agriculture to Achieve Greater Food Security.”

The new pork product will be pork bacon.

“We will have on sale fresh local pork, pigs feet, pork ribs, pork ham, ground pork, deboned pigs’ head, pork sausages and pork patties,” he said, adding they will be serving lunch as well.

In addition to the sale of pork, Argo processors will be on hand and there will be vegetable booths and the abattoir will be selling all kinds of other meats.

Evelyn encouraged people to come out in numbers to enjoy the event.

Fishing boat on display
Fishing boat on display

Various agricultural items for sale

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