Dermatophilosis-infected cow.

The Department of Agriculture in St. Kitts will coordinate an island-wide testing programme for farmers whose animals have been affected with Dermatophilosis free of cost over a six-month period, Director of the Department of Agriculture, Melvin James, said in a Jan. 16. interview with the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service (SKNIS).

“All affected farmers will be a part of the programme, they will know exactly when we are coming, they will know the composition of the team so that we will be able to have the greatest efficiency and greatest effectiveness,” he said.

Mr. James said the team will be equipped with oxytetracycline, Bayticol, and restraining material as it conducts its tests, and will be make return visits to monitoring progress.

“What we want amongst the domestic animals is that we will more or less just significantly suppress the tick, so that there would not be a resurgence so that whenever we as it were are able to treat the animals, that you could have the assurance that [Dermatophilosis] will not be a factor that will cause any mortality or morbidity,” he said. “This year is an exciting year for crops and livestock, and we are hoping that we can work very well with our farmers and increase the amount that we are putting out there from our local efforts.”