The officials at the Nevis Department of Agriculture are ready to stage the twenty-fourth edition of the Departments of Agriculture Open Day, March 22-23, being held under the theme ‘Building Resilience to Climate Change for Food Security’.

The two day event boasts being the third largest annual event held in Nevis beside Culturama and the Inter primary Schools Championship. The event will be held on March 22 from 9:30 am – 7 pm and on the 23 from 8 am – 10 pm and will be held at the Villa Ground in Charlestown.

This year’s Patron will be Eugene “Bro” Maynard who has worked for the Department of Agriculture for the past 53 years. He will be honored for his work at Indian Castle.

Along with Maynard other farmers, both livestock and crop, fishermen, other Agricultural workers as well as persons who have helped the department will be recognized.

The Observer spoke with acting Director of Agriculture on Nevis Randy Elliott who noted that attendees can expect a “festive atmosphere’ and a much larger event compared to previous years.

“This year we have 12 additional booths. We have craft booths, Non-Governmental Organization NGO’s and this year for the first time we will have the St. Kitts Nevis Observer,” he said.

He pointed out that a number of items will be on sale which include Ornamental plant, fruit trees, pet fishes, fruits, vegetable and a favorite to the Open Day , the abattoir. The abattoir this year boasts of offering 15 thousand pounds of meat with about 4000 pounds being that of mutton. local Prime cuts of beef, beef burgers, chicken burgers pork, smoked ham, sausages, mutton, rabbit as well as the introduction of their new chicken products will be on sale.

In addition, the veterinarian services, NGO’s and other agricultural based groups will be on hand to provide information.

Elliott said that both day will be filled with entertainment which include DJ Zimba, items from the Cultural Development Foundation, Recklife Entertainment, a band from Statia, and Nu Vybes International band will bring down the curtains on Friday evening.

Elliott ensured that parking will not be a problem as space will be made available at the top of Park, at the Charlestown pre-school and on the opposite side of the Villa grounds.

“There is no other event like this. It is a great time to come out and socialize. Anything that you would be looking for will be there,” Elliott said.