Deputy Smith To Go To Guyana For Negotiations On Food Security.

photo credit: BVI Government press office. Deputy Premier Lorna Smith will lead a large delegation to negotiate with Guyana over food prices.
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By Editor, 28th, July, 2023.

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has announced that the Deputy Premier and Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade, Lorna Smith will lead a diverse, 17-member delegation on a significant trade mission to Guyana from 30th July to 4th August 2023.

The delegation comprises representatives from the financial services industry and various business sectors, highlighting the vast scope of commercial engagement between the two countries, however it is not clear which specific issues will be addressed or who will pay the (surely considerable) travel expenses for the 17-strong delegation, although Deputy Premier Smith suggested that the members of the business community were “making a substantial investment” to join this inaugural trade mission to Guyana.

Their enthusiasm not only underscores the potential of this venture but also their commitment to forging stronger ties within the Caribbean region.”

She added, “I am profoundly grateful for the welcoming spirit extended by the Guyanese Government towards our delegation.   Their openness and receptivity set a positive tone for our visit and reflect the warm relations between our two countries.”

This ground-breaking initiative features a packed agenda, with meetings and presentations lined up with the Guyanese Government and prominent members of the Guyanese business sectors.  The aim is to foster collaborative opportunities, enhance bilateral trade, and promote mutual economic growth.

Of note is the involvement of the Junior Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Karl Dawson, who will hold crucial meetings centered on agriculture and food security. These discussions explore potential partnerships and strategies to boost the BVI’s food security, leveraging Guyana’s agricultural expertise.

This trade mission is pivotal in strengthening ties between the BVI and Guyana and represents the shared dedication to regional cooperation and economic development.  We anticipate the outcomes of this venture will usher in an era of increased collaboration, fostering prosperity for both nations.

Guyana’s main food crops are sugar and rice, but other important crops include wheatbananascoconutscoffeecocoacitrus fruitspepper and pumpkin

Source: BVI Government press releases.
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