More on sources of toxins and what we do at Carib Wellness clinic to medically detoxify your body: from EB Footbath cleanse, Far Infra Red Saunas, Homeopathics, frequency modulation, sodium EDTA suppositories, and colon cleanses.

A colleague of mine wrote, “A patient of ours has been on a detox program for three weeks and has gained 12 pounds.  What could be the problem with this patient and what is the protocol for correction?”  My colleague related to me that this is quite a healthy patient and that she took general supplements but not specific ones to exact current body needs.  The patient decided to detoxify and it seemed things had backfired.  So, let’s look at the facts:  She started a detox program and her body said, “Let’s dump some toxins as we have been asked.”  Without proper nutritional support and chiropractic adjusting techniques, the toxins were released in the tissues and could not get out fast or complete enough.  So the body diluted the toxic accumulation and the patient gained (diluting) water weight.  The solution to pollution is dilution.  If the water the patient is consuming is not a pH of 7, or slightly higher, it could and would add to this acidic, toxic condition.  It would take more fluids to try to detoxify the patient for survival.  This is why we only use Ph 9- Alkaline water at Carib Wellness complementary to all our clients. No matter what the toxin is, if it gets high enough it will cause dis-ease and could even cause death, so the body dilutes the toxins for survival and the patient has put himself or herself in jeopardy.

All detoxification processes in the body are nutrition dependent.  Therefore, at Carib Wellness we place our patients under a complete nutritional body scan, eWellness Questionnaire, blood and saliva tests, hair analysis or a combination of two or more of these evaluations to determine exactly what nutrition and potential treatment he/she is in need of.  This patient may show a need for Total Liver or Total System Detox, Homocysteine Redux, DSF, Multi-polar Magnet (Electro Magnetic shield), specific organ support like Core Level Kidney.  He/she may need Total Mitochondria to add enough energy to get the job done or Total Brain to support proper healing and communication.  Total Boron is also important in detoxification, Super Ox may be necessary to give the body enough anti-oxidants, and of course many areas found positive on the scan or testing may need support.  One must test to know.  Not to test is to guess and there is no time for guessing.

Physical treatment is very important.  We test for any combination of vertebral and extremity subluxations, craniosacral subluxations, fascial restrictions, untreated scar tissue.  We make sure there are no fascial restrictions and percuss any involved areas.  We make sure the lymph is draining properly and facilitate that by proper adjustments, soft tissue and rib treatment.  Our patients would benefit from Erchonia cold laser therapy from general red laser at 635 nm to 405 Violet lasering this enables cells to detoxify, specific cranial nerve balancing, myotome correction and organ percussion and laser integration.  The Ionic EB footbath is an absolute consideration and may be done three times per week for a while. This Energy balance detox footbath is an excellent way of defending and boosting the body to withstand the continual bombardment of electrical and toxic pollution.  I would like to draw to your attention that only Carib Wellness has the FDA Approved Medical detoxification and energy balancing appliances in the Federation that are safe and WITHOUT coils containing toxic lead.  Beware of imitation units that do not comply with the strict FDA requirements for safety and plug directly into the mains.  All safe units run from a rechargeable D.C battery.  The “EB PRO” is designed and developed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels, while facilitating and aiding in its natural detoxification process. Proven in clinical trials to balance & restore the body’s Ph and electromagnetic energy. State-of-the-art research and development shows that the EB PRO provides a form of energy that the body can readily use – “Bioenergetic/Life Energy.”

Our High Tech infrared sauna is another medical tool that can be used several times per week to help rid the body of toxins through sweating.  It is a safe, low temperature depuration through sweat of the very heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, plasticizers, and other environmental chemicals that cause heart damage as well as other disease.  The far infrared sauna pulls otherwise permanent toxins out of the body by causing a “molecular dance” with molecules of water and toxins stored in the fat cells.  In this way it does not drag chemicals out of safe storage and into the bloodstream where they could cause exacerbation of symptoms. Instead, it enables topical excretion via sweat where they can be wiped off and showered away forever!  This is the only known and proven mechanism for getting rid of the vast array of disease producing toxins and environmental chemicals.  Medicine has no other option for lowering the body burden of chemicals that underlie all disease.  In the Mayo clinic studies, the far infrared sauna accomplished what nothing in medicine could.  No surgery, no drug is available to give this type of therapeutic result!

Back to my colleagues patient, they could have stirred up heavy metals, pesticides, PCB’s, dioxins etc and the body needs support from these many avenues to help rid itself of the toxins, lose the water and allow toxic fats to break down and release.  Many toxins are stored in fats, so we use Total Flaxseed oil or Complete Fish Oils and balance the abnormal Omega 6 to 3 ratios that are prevalent in our diets.  It is important to evaluate all possible 6 Interferences to health and correct with all 6 Steps to Wellness.

We are honoring all men this week and next by offering a “Father’s Day Special” where all men can have health scans and detox’s at a special reduced price.  Call Carib Wellness today to take advantage of this offer. 469 2147 or 466 WELL (9355).

We hope this has been helpful!

Dr. Miranda Fellows