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We continuously consume artificial additives in our food. We breathe polluted air from leaded petrol to pesticide sprayed places of dwelling and work. We are exposed to chemicals, plastics, pesticides, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and cigarette smoke. All of these toxins are getting in the way of our health.

Toxicity is interference to health.  Toxic metals are widely used in industry, food processing, and agriculture.  These metals find their way into our air, food and water and ultimately our bodies.  Often times our very own personal hygiene products or beauty products are making us sick.  The aluminium in anti-perspirants blocks the sweat glands causing the body to retain toxins, and the aluminium is absorbed which can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.  Petroleum based skin care products block correct hormone production.  Also the dyes and additives in perfumes and air- fresheners contain cancer causing benzene compounds.  The Toluene in nail polish can lead to mood swings, depression, high cholesterol, paresthesias and cancer.  Even the fluoride in toothpaste is a source of toxicity.  An EPA study in the States found that 29% of people had high levels of trichloroethylene in their exhaled breath.  This can come from wearing a dry cleaned suit, and out-gassing from new carpeting, cardboard and a multitude of other everyday sources.  Cancer forming dioxins are in everything from our foods and toilet paper to coffee filters, diapers, and tampons amongst others.  Exposures to these toxins are not blatantly obvious to us and are hard to pinpoint as a cause for illness.  Some toxins are naturally occurring chemicals that our body has a hard time breaking down.  When accumulated in our cells, these toxins can cause mutation or death.  These can be harmless in small quantities but deadly in larger amounts.  Researchers and experts in environmental medicine tell us that it is not a question of if our bodies are burdened with toxic overload, but “how bad is it.” Common problems of toxicity include: headaches, fatigue, general joint and muscle pain, skin disorders like rashes and eczema, and asthma and allergies.  Many toxins are neurotoxins like monosodium glutamate, aluminium, lead and mercury, which affect our brain functions such as memory, quick thinking and moods.

When you take a closer look, nearly all disease has critical components of environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies, both of which are completely reversible.

Detox or Die!

The body’s natural well state involves continual detoxification.  The lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin are all avenues in which the body detoxifies daily.

What you can do at home in addition to cutting down on your toxin exposure:

1. Drinking plenty of pure water, ideally 4 oz every waking hour.  This allows mobilization of toxins from the body.  At Carib Wellness we use ALKALINE WATER, which is Ph 9, this simulates cellular detox and facilitates healing.

2. Skin Brushing: This can be very beneficial because the skin is the primary avenue for detoxification.  Use a vegetable brush or dry sponge.  This is to be done on dry skin, brushing all parts of the body towards the heart and follow with olive oil self-massage.  This is to be done before bathing.

3. Salt and Soda Bath:  This bath aids in detoxification by counteracting the effects of radiation from sources such as x-rays, cancer treatment, atmospheric fallout, TV, computers etc.  Add one cup of baking soda and one cup of Epsom salt to a warm or hot tub of water and soak for 25 mins.

4. Vinegar Bath:  This is a quick way to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body.  Use one cup of 100% apple cider vinegar to a warm bath.  This helps eliminate excess uric acid in the body and is soothing to the joints that suffer from arthritis, gout, bursitis and tendonitis.

5. Lymphatic drainage: This can be accomplished by 30minutes of daily walking, bouncing on a mini trampoline, or instruments like the “Chi Machine” at Carib Wellness.  This also stimulates the bowels to move better which is an essential mechanism of detoxification that can be enhanced further by eating high fiber foods that create roughage that sweeps the bowel clean.

What we do at Carib Wellness to medically identify toxins in your body:

Using muscle response testing (Applied Kinesiology) we can check for heavy metal sensitivity and other environmental and food related toxins.  We can also use laboratory tests and hair analysis to get a clear picture of the toxin levels in your tissues in addition to a health history of toxic exposure survey.

Be sure to read next week’s issue where we shall discuss more on sources of toxins and what we do at Carib Wellness clinic to medically detoxify your body: from EB Footbath cleanse, Far Infra Red Saunas, Homeopathics, frequency modulation, sodium EDTA suppositories, and colon cleanses.

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