Devil Made Me Do It Claims Mexican Man Accused Of Killing Wife, Eating Her Brains In Tacos.

Photo: El Sol de Puebla. Alvaro N. is accused of dismembering his wife and eating her brain in tacos. Investigations are continuing.
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By Editor-July 6th, 2023.

A ‘devil worshipper’ known in his neighborhood as the ‘Cannibal of The Resurrection’ who allegedly killed his wife, ate her brain in tacos, and used her skull as an ashtray was arrested in Mexico on July 2nd., reports The Daily Mail.

Montserrat met Álvaro and after getting married last year, they went to live in La Resurrección, where unfortunately she was murdered , the exact method of death is still unknown, and apparently by Álvaro, who immediately phoned one of the victim’s sons and confessed that he had killed her, reported the local newspaper El Sol De Puebla.

According to information obtained by El Sol, Álvaro is addicted to alcohol and drugs, which is why he constantly raped his wife Monserrat.

“When the relatives went to the house, upon entering they confirmed the gruesome scene: the dismembered body of the woman was scattered , some parts had even been thrown in a field next to a ravine and it was at that moment that municipal police from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), who discovered him in flagrante, around 1 in the morning last Sunday, when he was carrying some human remains inside plastic bags , for which they proceeded to his immediate arrest and made available to the Public Ministry.”

The suspect, identified by police only as Alvaro N., was seized by police officers at the couple’s home in Puebla and taken into custody.

The police accuse the 32-year-old of murdering his wife – a mother of five – on June 29 while under the influence of a prohibited substance.

He allegedly threw some of them into a ravine behind the home and kept the rest inside the property.

According to sources close to the case, he confessed to eating part of his wife’s brain in tacos and using part of her shattered skull as an ashtray.

Two days after the killing, he allegedly phoned one of his stepdaughters to confess his crime.

The victim’s mother, Maria Alicia Montiel Serran, told local press: ‘He told one of her daughters to come and collect her mum because “I already killed her and put her in bags”.’

Grieving Maria Alicia added that Alvaro chopped up the 38-year-old victim’s body ‘with a machete, a chisel, and a hammer’. She went on: ‘I called him crying, asking why he did that to her if she wasn’t a bad person.’

According to Maria Alicia, the suspect confessed: ‘I killed her, I cut her into pieces, and I threw her into the ravine in bags.’

She added that he claimed: ‘She didn’t suffer.’

Alvaro remains locked up in the San Miguel prison without bail, pending further investigations.

In an obituary in El Sol de Puebla it was said:

Monserrat was a woman who, despite her family’s economic deficiencies, grew up full of joy and with the illusion of becoming an accountant; however, life circumstances led her to get involved with inappropriate people. The last of them was Álvaro, whom she met when he worked cleaning various works or constructions, as he worked in masonry.

While showing the photographs of her daughter when she was still small and in which a face full of sweetness could even be seen, María Alicia, Monserrat’s mother, told El Sol de Puebla that the deceased used to be very happy and her favorite flowers were sunflowers.

She recalled that since she was a girl she helped her sell sweets, cakes and food outside the schools, even friends who came to the victim’s home to offer their condolences commented that Monserrat was a very empathetic person who offered some food to those who needed it.


Sources: Daily Mail, El Sol de Puebla.
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