Diana King
Diana King

Diana King’s ThinkLikeAGirl label withdraws from ‘Big Woman Tingz’ project

By Kevin Jackson

Jamaican-fusion singer Diana King’s ThinkLikeAGirl label has discontinued its association with the Big Woman Tingz all-female album. King explained the decision in a release to the media.

“In February 2018, ThinkLikeAGirl Music offered to collaborate with G.U.R.L.E.S Organisation,” she said. “ThinkLikeAGirl’ s agreement was to assist ‘gratis’ to register all songs and release (distribute digitally worldwide) the all-female album ‘Big Woman Tingz’ through the label. Unfortunately, because of the inability on G.U.R.L.E.S part to provide ThinkLikeAGirl Music with the necessary legal documents for the label to carry out its responsibilities in a timely manner, we have decided to discontinue our support. This became official June 28, two weeks before the scheduled release.

“This was an unfortunate executive decision. ThinkLikeAGirl was sincerely excited about being a part of this release and had related deeply to the initial story that connected us all as women,” King said. “And though this project had potential to be great, the label had no choice but to do what was in our best interest to avoid possible damage to our reputation. The team at ThinkLikeAGirl Music wishes those involved with the Big Woman Tingz project all the very best, and we look forward to collaborating with female artists of all genres on future ground-breaking projects.”