By Abhay Burande

Although there are a myriad of eye diseases, there are three that are widespread throughout the globe. These are:

1.              conjunctivitis

2.              blepharitis

3.              keratitis


Conjunctivitis, also called as pink eye, is an irritation or redness of the membranes on the inner parts of the eyelids and those covering the white part of the eyes. These membranes are influenced by bacteria, viruses, allergic agents, irritants, toxic agents and the internal diseases in the body. The different causes of this eye infection can be grouped into infectious and non-infectious ones.

Viral Pink Eye is caused due to viral infections. There is a significant watery discharge that is not yellow or green. There may also be viral “cold-like” symptoms. The eyelids may show swelling and viewing bright light may cause pain. This disease is very contagious. It may be associated with infection of the cornea.

Bacterial Pink Eye is caused by staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. The symptoms include:

*               redness

*               swelling

*               eye pain

*               yellow or green discharge of moderate or large amount commonly after sleeping

In case of children, their eyes may be stuck shut after awakening from sleep and a warm wash cloth may prove handy to normalize the situation. Antibiotic eye drops and ointment that have been recommended by the doctor would also help.

Chlamydia Pink Eye can be sexually transmitted. Tetracycline and erythromycin are prescribed for this disease.