Bayticol, a ready to use pour-on solution used for the treatment and control of biting lice, sucking lice, ticks and mange in cattle, has now been restocked, Director in the Department of Agriculture Melvin James, said.

With the regular supplier unable to deliver, James said the Department of Agriculture has been able to secure an emergency shipment out of France.

The Director of Agriculture explained the product is rare and, as a result, comes with a high price tag. The additional cost to fly a supply in from France will incur a price increase, but James said the department will subsidize the cost to ease the burden on farmers.

“We understand the difficulties and the trauma that our farmers have been enduring and so we are going to subsidize it to the best of our ability, and it will be on sale at $150 dollars,” he said.

Only farmers with a farmers ID will be able to purchase the product at the $150 price point — those without would have to purchase it for $200.

James thanked farmers for their patience, saying “we want to identify with them with the losses that they’ve had, and we do hope that going forward, we would be able to arrest this kind of problem.”