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I was told when I came to live on this island that dogs are killed indiscriminately. It appeared to me that this seemed totally acceptable.

I didn’t really pay head as we neither had a dog nor particularly like them, until we fell in love with an irresistible little puppy & our lives immediately transformed.

It has now happened to us & I don’t find it acceptable at all.

A year ago our “puppy” had eleven of her own; our neighbor’s dog becoming the proud father. We kept one & had more than enough offers of homes for the other ten as they are beautiful island Brindle dogs.

Last weekend we came home to find the youngest foaming at the mouth & she died in our arms. As three of our neighboring dogs have recently been poisoned we lived in fear of it happening to ours. The mother is inconsolable as we almost are. She was a beautiful dog & didn’t deserve to die like this.

It seems it’s accepted that the goat & sheep owners just go around the island taking the lives of, in most parts, innocent dogs.

Clearly they cannot be animal lovers.

Goats & sheep are animals, they are replaceable. I realize that owners probably love them as we love our dogs but they are not pets as our dogs are & in some cases, especially us soppy westerners, part of our family.

We cannot replace our dogs, we could get another one but it will never be the same.

Please goat & sheep herders, if you think your animals are being troubled by dogs it’s more likely a stray that’s to blame not ones fenced in a garden.

What do you achieve by killing?

I’m sure you believe you have a legitimate reason for killing & in some case I’m sure you do but wouldn’t you achieve more by talking to the dog owners, maybe they would prevent their dogs from troubling your animals or compensate you if they do. We would rather pay double the worth of your animal than loose as innocent dog isn’t it worth a try?

Please stop this awful hurt you are causing.

Two years ago I almost disliked dogs now I am heartbroken as is the rest of our family & friends who knew her.

She was pure Nevisian just like you probably are.

Maybe you should get a dog & see how you feel when it happens to you.

It is not always the fault of the owners if dogs get out—visitors often leave our gates open & animals get in. Do dogs do as much damage as goats, they have decimated some of our plants & shrubs but I wouldn’t dream of murdering them

Elizabeth Smith


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