Dogs Ambush Goats

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By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

Local businessman Roosevelt ‘Felt’ Daniel who resides at Ramsbury was disheartened last Thursday to find that 68 of his goats were dead on his estate at Low Ground, Prospect.

Daniel has been rearing goats all his life and has become very fond of this practice. He believes dogs are to blame for this vicious attack on his goats.

“This is not the first time this is happening. I’ve found 10 dead, 15 dead sometimes 20 dead goats in the past but I didn’t make much of a fuss, but 68!” exclaimed Daniel.

Daniel claims he had a hard time falling asleep the night before as intuition signalled all was not well. He awoke and made his customary visit to the estate between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. when he found the dead goats.

He notified the police who arrived on the scene and together they counted 68 dead goats.

Of those 68, six were half devoured. He said he also took three of his other goats to the abattoir that morning. 64 of his goats were found alive and 24 still missing. There were also a few others just barely alive.

At the scene, this Observer reporter noticed that the other goats seemed traumatised and were hurdled in a corner just looking at the dead goats. They were afraid to even graze as they normally do.

Daniel said some time had passed since the last incident and he thought it had come to an end. When asked why he thought dogs were responsible for killing his goats he said he had set a monkey trap in the past and a dog was caught on his premises as a result of it.

“The police came and shot the dog that time,” Daniel said.

Daniel said how sad and upset he was with so many of his goats being killed. Just then dogs were seen running from the estate.

Then, loud barks were heard followed by loud bleats. Daniel then called the police once more and told them what he had seen.

After waiting for quite some time for the police to arrive, Daniel left in search of the dogs. The police eventually got there and told Daniel they took the wrong route hence the reason they were late.

They then told Daniel to notify the veterinarian about the matter.

Daniel said he saw a total of five dogs on his hunt.

“Two of the dogs were Rotweilers, with black and brown bellies and the other three were male dogs that were black and brown with white necks,” said Daniel.

Daniel has no clue who are the owners of the dogs but wishes that these attacks on his animals would come to an end.

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