Two weeks ago, the government of Nevis unveiled the first ever bust, statue if you will, on the island of Nevis.  Fittingly, it was a bust of Dr the Hon. Simeon Daniel, who many feel, is the father of modern day Nevis.

It was the right thing to do.

It was the right thing to do because of the sacrifices the man made for Nevis.  It was the right thing to do because it was him who introduced a pay day in Nevis when he lured the prestigious Four Seasons Resort to Nevis.  It was the right thing to do because this put Nevis on the world map and kept it there.

He was the man who wrestled Nevis away from peppery rice and bony soup, only to watch his protégé put it right back in the pot, even after he refused to be cowed down by the with-holding of flour and salaries.  It was Sim who painfully watched his beloved party become subsumed by the red of Labour.  It was he who watched our secession voted away by St Thomas’, his birth parish.

It was the right thing to do.

But others had to spoil the moment by mixing the event with politics. It is true that such a historic event has been overshadowed by the violence in the society, but surely it is an act that is almost too late; and should have been done long ago by the NRP.

Now he looks out to sea, scanning the horizon with hope and confidence. Confident that Nevis is finally getting its fair share of the proceeds of independence and of citizenship with St Kitts. Hope that we, as a people, will continue to make strides within the Federation, especially now that secession no longer seems a viable option.

Hon Vance Amory is on record as saying if an act is right, it is politically justifiable.  Erecting the statue of Dr the Right Honourable Simeon Daniel was certainly the right thing to do.  If it brings political gain, then so be it.  NRP should have thought about it, but they appear to be too busy denying Daniel’s legacy to think rationally.

Let us put the politics aside and admit and accept that this is a time for statesmanship.  Let us congratulate the government for doing the right thing.