Dominica Announces New Tourism Projects at Travel Marketplace

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E-TurboTravel- The Hon. Denise Charles, Dominica’s Minister for Tourism shared exciting news about the island’s future growth and sustainability efforts during a press conference at the Caribbean Travel Marketplace (CHTA) 2023 yesterday in Barbados.

The Minister announced a $54 million project to construct the longest cable car in the world, which will provide easier access to the Boiling Lake, the second largest in the world. The 4.1-mile ride will take passengers from Roseau Valley to the top of Boiling Lake in just 20 minutes, making it more accessible for cruise visitors and travelers who are unable to hike the rugged trail to its peak. The attraction is expected to be complete in 2024.

“We are thrilled that Dominica will be home to the world’s largest cable car, encouraging more visitors than ever before to visit the beautiful Boiling Lake,” said Minister Charles. “Not only will this allow for more cruise visitors to explore our lush landscape while they are in port, but it will also allow easier access to travelers who are unable to hike the rugged trail to its peak.”

In addition to the massive attraction that visitors will soon be able to enjoy, the Minister also shared how Dominica is creating a pathway for green industrialization by leveraging natural resources to combat climate change and ensure resilience.

“Over the past decade, Dominica has been shaping its own destiny by making critical investments in more sustainable energy options. Within the next two years, our goal is to complete our first geothermal power plant, making Dominica one of the first islands to successfully replace fossil fuel-generated electricity with renewable energy.”

With sustainability woven in Dominica’s entire tourism product, many of the destination’s new experiences and activities create opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in an authentic, organic Dominican experience, such as the new Waitukubuli Sea Trail and voluntourism activities, which focus on projects such as education, agriculture, and environmental activities.

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