Dominica Assoc., Dominica Metals repair senior citizen’s home roof in Mahaut

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The Dominica Association of St Kitts and Nevis (DASKN) partnered with Dominica Metals Ltd to provide financial support and materials to facilitate repairs to the roof of the Senior Citizens Home in Mahaut, Dominica, which suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Maria. The cost of repairs is estimated at EC$36,177.

The Senior Citizens Home houses 13 residents and three staff. It was built and operated with funds provided by Phillip Nassief of Dominica Coconut Products. The company was sold a few years ago, at which time funding ended. Since then, the day-to-day operations are managed by a committee headed by Mrs. Nathalie Sampson.

The Association approached Dominica Metals Ltd General Manager Ms. Karen Fontenelle-Peter requesting the partnership of her company to assist by providing the balance of funds required to purchase the remainder of the Galvanize at an estimated cost of EC$14,473.26. The GM responded positively without hesitation by offering the said amount in kind i.e. providing the Galvanize roofing.

On July 31, DASKN contributed EC$13,700 towards the cost of the roofing material with Dominica Metals Ltd donating the balance. The total cost of the Galvanize needed for the roof was estimated at EC$28,173.26.

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