Dominican Republic Launches US $28.9B Tourism Plan: Free Health Insurance For Hotel Guests And We’ll Take Your Word For It That You Are Covid-19 Clear.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons. A selection of sights in Santo Domingo.
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Santo Domingo.–The Government Monday unveiled the Responsible Recovery Plan of the Tourism Sector which seeks to recover one of the most productive sectors of the Dominican Republic, at a cost of US$28.9 billion.

All tourists staying in hotels will benefit from an innovative and unique state program which will cover medical costs, and any costs associated with extending stays or missing flights for all tourists who stay in hotels in the Dominican Republic.

The program is provided through the BanReservas Bank.

It does not appear that this program is applicable for visitors who stay in AirBnB accommodations, rental apartments, or timeshares.

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, presented the four-pronged plan: governance, risk management, communication and economic support to the private sector.

The plan, launched in the National Palace, attended by businessmen and officials of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), includes COVID-19 tests that will not be requested from tourists, nor will massive tests be applied in air terminals, but travelers will be randomly tested.

It appears uncertain if the Dominican Republic wants the world to know too much about the new plan, as the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism Web site newsroom does not mention the new initiative and most announcements are in Spanish.

In fact, in the “Latest Updates” section of the Mitur Web site, it is stated:


  • Beginning July 30th and until further notice, all passengers who wish to enter the country must show proof of a negative PCR (or Polymerase Chain Reaction) test result, no older than five days before their arrival date. If no proof of testing is available, government personnel will perform a quick test at no additional cost to the passenger.

Perhaps this will be updated manana.

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