Alexander Diaz, a Dominican Republic citizen, accused of murdering one of his countrymen, may know his fate next week as a twelve member jury continues to hear the details of what took place in December 2014 at Enrique’s Bar in Charlestown.

Diaz is charged with the murder of Pabel Santana, also a national of the Dominican Republic . His trial began Tuesday at the High Court in Charlestown and is being prosecuted by the Director of Public Prosecution Valston Graham alongside Tristan Vasquez. Diaz is represented by defence attorney Chesley Hamilton. On Tuesday Diaz pleaded not guilty to murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The DPP brought forward two eye witnesses who testified they saw Diaz stab Santana. Wednesday the prosecution brought forward four witnesses, two doctors and two police officers.

Dr Robert George testified he was Santana’s attending physician while he was alive and Forensic Pathologist Dr. Valery Alexandrov testified on his findings after he conducted the autopsy on Santana’s body. Constable Cleon Michael testified that he responded to the incident in 2014 while Constable Antonio Browne testified that he collected evidence from the doctors.

The Diaz trial will continue Monday. The Prosecution has two more witnesses before its case is closed. The defence will then be allowed to put forward its case and closing arguments will proceed.


The hearing of Keon Moore, whose case has been traversed from a previous hearing, was charged with wounding with intend and unlawful wounding.

Moore has been accused of wounding Virgil Martin on May 20 2014 in Craddock Road. Moore in a previous hearing pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of unlawful wounding and not guilty to wounding with intent. The charge of wounding with intent was then withdrawn by the Director of Public Prosecution.

Reece Walters was charged with the death of 15 year-old Shante Claxton of Jessup’s Village. His case has been traversed from a previous hearing. Claxton meet her death in September 2014 after she left home for church but never arrived at her destination.

Evrol Daniel pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding at the High Court last week. Allan Broadbelt who is currently serving a sentence at her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts for larceny pleaded guilty last week to another charge of larceny. Both men along with Delano Browne who was found guilty on three counts of assault with intent to rob and one count of robbery last November and will be sentenced for their crimes on May 4.