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One of the negative developments that took place in the old year of 2007 was the many traffic accidents which happened on our roads and the unfortunate loss of lives which some of these mishaps caused.

Our small islands deserve to feel proud that we can match bigger communities in the luxuries that we enjoy – modern household amenities, comfortable homes and of course modern motor vehicles.  These things make us happy by enabling us to enjoy high standards of living.

On the other side of the coin, however, is the way we abuse some of these expensive items by our careless use of them.  By hard work and risky credit we are able to purchase nice new motor cars and jeeps.  The prices of these items should be enough to make us take care of them.  Yet every now and then we are shocked by the news of a car crash and of the tragic death of one or more of the occupants.

Since more often than not the victims of these accidents are young people we tend to associate careless driving with youth and assume that the accidents that occur happen because of youthful, carefree abandonment.

Given the large number of fatal accidents, which happen on our roads, the youthful drivers must take warning that they have only one life and it is their duty to cherish it and guard it from unnecessary danger.

Older drivers must counsel the younger ones about the use of the road and must implore them not to drink and drive and not to be afraid to park the car if overcome by sleep. This has saved many lives.

Again, somebody must tell the young hot bloods that it isn’t admirable to race on the road.  Inasmuch as there is feeling of triumph from driving at eighty miles an hour, the youth must restrain themselves in the interest of other road users who might be endangered by the reckless and excessive speed.

Young people like to boast that they have sense and can take care of themselves.  It certainly does not make sense to smash a new car and shorten a young life.

This paper wishes that the year 2008 will be as accident free as possible and that no precious young lives will be lost on the road this  year.

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