DPP Case Against Attorney General Begins Today LK Hewlett Story Updated: September 14th 2015 at 9:11 am top-DPP Travers Sinanan bottom-Attorneys for Sinanan l-r Dr. Francis Alexis QC and Sylvester Anthony
The Director of Public Prosecutions, Travers Sinanan’s case against Attorney General Vincent Byron Jr. is scheduled to begin today (Sept 14) at the Basseterre High Court. Resident Judge Her Ladyship Marlene Carter will hear the substantive matter of Sinanan’s constitutional motion lawsuit against his boss. In August Sinanan filed suit against the Attorney General claiming he breached the Constitution of the Federation by “unlawfully attempting to terminate” Sinanan’s appointment as DPP and that the Attorney General “made unlawful attempts to dictate, control, and/or usurp the work of the DPP”. According to Sinanan, a former Crown Prosecutor in the UK, the constitution allows for him to remain the DPP until he is sixty years old. The Trinidad native was hired by the former administration in July 2013, when he was 55. He signed a two-year contract which expired July 31, 2015. After the new government opted not to renew or renegotiate Sinanan’s contractual employment months prior to the contract’s expiration date, he was asked to vacate the office when it came to an end. Sinanan continued to report to work at the DPP’s office for almost two weeks before filing suit. Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes for the Attorney General Attorney General Byron says Sinanan’s suit has no merit. He says whereas the constitution does speak to the DPP being allowed to function until age 60, the individual can only do so if they were hired before attaining the retirement of (55 years) and with the consent of the Governor General. Sinanan is being represented by Grenadian constitutional attorney Dr. Francis Alexis QC, along with Delano Bart QC, Sylvester Anthony and Angelina Sookoo. Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes, along with Talibah Byron, Solicitor General Simone Thompson-Bullen, and Maclure Taylor are representing the Attorneys General.