Dr Daniel-Hodge: NRP is the best option for Nevis

Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge
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Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge has indicated that her party presents the best option for Nevisians as the island goes to vote on Monday.

Speaking with The Observer on Nomination Day, Dr Daniel-Hodge said that her party is “confident and excited” ahead of the local elections.

“We have spent almost two years now getting ready for this election. We had to deal with the federal election which was a snap election, and while we didn’t perform as well as we would’ve liked, we definitely gained some ground that has boosted our confidence, and we are quite prepared and ready to move forward.”

While they lost all three seats in the Federal election, she said the local elections give them an opportunity to deal with “kitchen table issues”.

“This is the local election, and this is where we have to deal with the issues near and dear to the hearts of the people of Nevis. They understand they have been misled for many elections before. They recognise the CCM has not performed, and has not performed in the Federal government.

“They were fired and were not invited to form the new government. All of these show the CCM are incompetent and not ready to deal with the affairs of Nevis. We present a competent team for Nevis this time, a government of NRP would be the best to move Nevis forward.”

Daniel-Hodge also gave insight into what the people of Nevis can expect if she was to become the island’s first female Premier.

“Certainly, we can look forward to having the interest and the voice of the people be heard. We recognize that there is a lot of struggle concerning youths and lack of job opportunities, and the plight of single mothers.

“We recognize that climate aversion is a big part of most economies right now, and the NRP is well-positioned to capitalize on the global shifts to put Nevis right on track.”

She said Nevisians will be relieved if her party were to take office following the election.

“I expect the public to breathe a sigh of relief that once again they have good leadership that repeats their wishes and understands their plight, and leadership that represents our country’s motto ‘Country Above Self’ and not about self-serving… bringing back the sense of pride the people of Nevis are accustomed to.

“I am certain that the prospects of the change and the shift from what we have now to what NRP would bring will create much excitement.”

She also spoke about what influence her father – the first Premier of Nevis and National Hero – had on her preparation for politics.

“I think now we are at a point where people are struggling, and my father came into politics at a time when Nevis was struggling. My urge to get into politics came as a result of seeing Nevis going backwards, the economy in shambles, and a Premier who disrespected the women in society. Leadership is about caring for others and not yourself.

“I think understanding those principles came from being around my father, and understanding how he would have led Nevis during that time, and it came naturally for me to recognise that Nevis is struggling right now, and I know I have the competency to put Nevis back on the right track.”

With a ticket made up of 80% women, she also explained how significant that can play on the electorate.

“For a long time, the voices of women were not heard at the table of decision-makers, and so the number of issues that affect women were not adequately addressed. I am certain with the slate of women candidates that we have, women would be represented. The sense of balance would ensure the women’s voices are heard – also the men would be a part of that equation as well.”

NRP last served in government from 2006 to 2013.

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