The matter ofthe Opposition Leader Denzil Douglas’ alleged dual citizenship and his fittness to sit in parliament has been postponed by the court until April after the Government requested more time to prepare its case against the former prime minister.

For his part Dr. Douglas was ready to do battle when he appeared in High Court Monday at Basseterre, only to hear Akilah Byron, lawyer for the Government, request more time to file for an expert witness and to respond to the affidavits filed by Dr Douglas .

The Attorney General Vincent Byron is looking to have the court determine whether Dr. Douglas violated the Federation Constitution by holding a diplomatic passport of another state (Dominica) and should be barred from parliament.

Sylvester Anthony representing Dr. Douglas said the case is a concern and a matter of importance to Dr. Douglas’ 6,000 constituents and wishes to have the matter handled as quickly as possible. He also called for the matter to be dealt with some expedition with early April being the most ideal date.

Speaking following the short court proceedings Anthony indicated that the legal team of the government requested additional time to respond.

“They indicated that they will likely to apply for an expert witness, we will be also doing the same so the court has made an order giving the claimants additional time to file responding affidavits. We have reserved the right to file an additional response in the event new evidence is filed and the court has accepted this.”

Anthony added that the next date the court meets is on the April 20 and explained the role of the expert witness . “There are deadlines before then for the filings and on the 20th it will be in relation to any applications that has being filed for an expert witness and they will be speaking to the question of Dominican law.

Dr. Douglas speaking after the proceedings noted that the government side was not ready for the court matter. “It is amazing that they filed a claim against me we; responded within the time the court indicated and appeared for hearing. They having received our responses are now asking are now asking the court to give them extra time beyond the normal 14 days.”

He added that the whole case form part of the government’s plan to target him as Leader of the Opposition.,”Obviously this is part of a political charade that is pursued in this particular matter. I don’t believe that there is any seriousness, except to harass myself as the leader of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition.” Dr. Douglas was however positive about the outcome of the matter.