The St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party is denying that it had anything to do with the alleged smearing of Tourism Minister the Hon. Lindsay Grant in 2010 elections by Strategic Communication Laboratories Group (SCL).

The Party however admitted that the company was employed by them to help with their election campaign.

According to reports SCL played a role in the general elections in St Kitts and Nevis in 2010 that had the Labour Party returned to office for a fourth consecutive term.

British press reports state that SCL was employed by the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party to expose the then leader of the Peoples Action Movement (PAM), Lindsay Grant.

A video during the heat of the campaign surfaced of Grant and a Caucasian man making a deal with the man offering his support to Grant in exchange for a cut-price land deal at a meeting at the Marriott hotel.

Reports indicate that the man in question was a contractor who was reportedly paid £12,000 to pose as a property magnate.

According to the reports Grant was believed to have accepted the deal after the offer was increased by £150,000. SCL allegedly filmed the meeting and released the video.

Grant has always denied any wrong doing in the matter and even claimed the he knew before hand it was a set up. He resigned from the party leadership in 2011.

When questioned by reporters on the Party’s role in the incident leader of the Labour Party Dr. Douglas indicated that they did hire SCL, but had no role in the Lindsay Grant scandal. “We understand that Cambridge Analytica was created by SCL as an operation organization in the United States Of America and that they participated in the Trump elections. SCL however, did work for us. There are some people in this country who want to use Lindsay Grant’s corrupt behaviour and blame us.”

Dr. Douglas said that Grant was the only individual to blame in the matter. “A man (Grant) sat down in a room…and decided that he is going to take lands from the people of Constituency Six, sell it at under-price and the difference will be sent to his private off shore account. How Douglas and Labour get into that?”

He then explained the role SCL played in their campaign in 2010. “We used SCL to help to manage our elections. We had nothing to do with that. SCL worked for several governments in the whole Caribbean region. In fact I do not know if it was SCL who did that, the news say so but I do not know if it was true.

Dr. Douglas continued, “If SCL was involved it had nothing to do with us. In fact Dr. Asim Martin was so concerned that he refused to allow that video to be played and viewed at his public rally during the election campaign. It had nothing to do with us and that is a fact. I don’t see how anybody can associate us with it.”

Dr. Douglas’ Labour Party went on to win six seats in that election and formed a coalition Government with the Nevis Reformation Party. Grant on the other hand was not successful in attaining his seat in that election losing narrowly to political new comer Glenn Phillip of Labour.

The Political Action Movement only won two seats in that election with many crediting Grants role in that video the reason for their lack of success at the polls.