Dr. Drew on job creation and crime

Dr. Terrence Drew Deputy-Chair-Person of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party
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Creating jobs for young people could help combat crime in the Federation, according to Dr. Terrance Drew, deputy chair-person of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.

Dr. Drew in an interview with The Observer said, ‘Crime must be condemned in all forms and there is no justification for anybody committing crime.’  But he said there is a need for a multi-faceted approach to fighting the problem.

‘We think there needs to be a strategy with multiple aspects to fighting crime and creating opportunities for young people,’ he added.  ‘What I would like to do is call on the government to put the youth program that they have promised so our youths can have meaningful employment so that crime can decrease.’

A vocal critic, Dr. Drew said government officials must remove politics from crime and should focus on getting to the heart of the problem. He added that he and the Labour Party are concerned that young people are not being able to complete their education and find a meaningful job.

Dr. Drew had been involved in controversy with the government after being overlooked for a position as an internist at the hospital. He was not given documentation to treat patients at the JN France Hospital.  He accused the administration of placing a hold on the REACH program and the People’s Employment program which affects employment and training for young people. He also said too many young people are leaving college without the necessary skills to fill the job market.

At his monthly press conference, Prime Minister The Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris said a number of job openings are available in the construction industry. However, Dr. Drew rebuffed that claim and accused the Prime Minister of lying.

‘I would say the Prime Minister is not being truthful with the public,’ he stated. ‘I know that Koi Resort would have cut back the program they have because of investment.’

The Federation has been stunned recently by a number of murders and robberies of major business establishments. Several people have been arrested in connection with those crimes.

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