A teenage girl’s trip to a pool ended in tragedy when a 16-year-old would-be boyfreind drowned her.

Nairobi Montés, 15, met with a friend on September 1 at a pool in Pantoja, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

The video, which went viral this weekend after it was shared among Whatsapp users, showed the suspect, whose name is being withheld by the police, hugging the high school sophomore from behind and lifting her from the ground before throwing her into the water.

A shocked Montés then climbed out of the pool and stood near the edge when the boy pushed her back in.

Shocking footage shows boy push teen girl into pool and drowned her.

The surveillance footage then showed the suspect jumping into the pool and swimming to the side before coming back towards Montés. The boy could be seen submerging the defenseless girl under water.

After repeatedly jumping on top of Montés and rendering her helpless, the boy nonchalantly leaned against a wall inside the pool.

A short while later, Montés’ body floated towards the center of the pool where the suspect jumped on top of her once again.

The victim’s father, Edward Montés, told Dominican outlet Noticias SIN that the suspect had approached his other daughter and inquired about her sister’s whereabouts after attacking her.

Several minutes passed before a male swimmer came to her aid and lifted her out of the water – the suspect also assisted him in dragging Montés out.

The boy then ran to the opposite end of the pool to seek first aid assistance.

Nairobi Montés is pulled out of the pool by the 16-year-old who had previously pushed her in twice

Nairobi Montés is pulled out of the pool by the 16-year-old who had previously pushed her in twice

Family members told Dominican outlet Listin Diario that the suspect was infatuated with Montés, the middle child pf three siblings, but that she did not show any interest in him.

They also said that he frequently showed up unannounced at places where Montés would be at and snatched her phone to find out who she was talking to and even beat her at times.

The suspect nonchalantly appeared at her funeral service September 3 and attempted to seek a memorial T-shirt with Montés likeness printed on it.

He has since been arrested and was ordered to be held for 30 days in pretrial detention while prosecutors continue their investigation.

The suspect is due to appear in court October 9.