Unity Coalition meeting confirmed for Thursday The Observer has it on firm ground that on Thursday evening Leader of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris will be announced as the leader of the Unity Coalition. The Observer confirmed that Thursday’s announcement of who will be Unity Leader will come at the first Unity public meeting scheduled for 6pm at Greenlands Park. Six parliamentarians from three political parties came together in February after Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas sacked senior Minister Hon. Timothy Harris and the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Condor. The MPs- PAM’s Leader and Deputy Leader Hon. Shawn Richards and Hon Eugene Hamilton; PLP Leader and Deputy Hon. Dr. Harris and Hon. Condor; and CCM’s Leader and Deputy Hon. Vance Amory and Hon. Mark Brantley signed a letter to the Governor General in March indicating that they would vote in favor of the motion of no confidence filed in December by the PAM and CCM MPs. The opposition MPs form the majority of elected persons in the federal parliament and argue that if debated the motion would succeed, forcing PM Douglas to resign within 3 days or dissolve the parliament and call general elections which are not constitutionally due until 2015. The SKN Labour Party MPs and party supporters have criticized the Unity Partnership saying they could not decide among them who would be leader and likely vie for Prime Ministership whenever an election is held. The Unity members have maintained for a few months that they had decided on a leader however would not make an official announcement until the time was right.