Dr. Wilkinson: No discrimination against unvaccinated, only protection  

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There is no attempt to discriminate against unvaccinated individuals in St Kitts and Nevis, only efforts to protect them. 

These sentiments were expressed by the Medical Chief of Staff of the JNF Hospital Dr Cameron Wilkinson.

Dr Wilkinson was at the time speaking at a COVID-19 forum, responding to a question as to if entertainment and sporting events that will now only have a fully vaccinated audience were discriminatory to the unvaccinated 

“There is no discrimination against the unvaccinated. Our fight all along has been for the unvaccinated. We have been trying to get as many persons who can be vaccinated so that we can protect those who cannot, and those who cannot be vaccinated include our young folks who are below 18,” Dr Wilkinson said.

“Our fight has always been for the pregnant mother and for the unborn child that cannot be vaccinated. There is no discrimination. By us encouraging you who can be vaccinated to go forward and get vaccinated, is so you can protect those persons. Our fight has also been for the elderly and frail who cannot be vaccinated.”

Addressing mass events and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) that is set to be hosted here, he said they can be potential super spreaders with unvaccinated people in attendance.

‘We know mass events can be super spreaders, and in the first instance as we are moving forward with mass events, we are saying that it can be safely done with vaccinated adults.

“If one wants to go to the CPL and you can be vaccinated, then you can simply go forward and get vaccinated and attend the CPL games. There is no discrimination at all.”

Dr Wilkinson said having a crowd attend the CPL who have vaccinated, the chance of a super spreader event emerging is significantly decreased.

“Children cannot be vaccinated, but can go under the umbrella of their parents or guardians.”

He said the child will obtain herd protection of families and other persons who are there and vaccinated.

Addressing players who are unvaccinated, Dr Wilkinson said, “Players are in a different bubble and there will be no communication between the players and spectators.”

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