For the third straight year the Dr. William Connor Primary School has showcased its athletic supremacy, running away with the Rams Primary Championships.

The school, located in West Basseterre, beat out 17 other schools with a whopping 19 gold medals, three silver and 12 bronze as they trounced their nearest competition by 11 gold medals in a meet held over the weekend at the Kim Collins Athletic Stadium .

Distant in second place was the Sandy Point Primary School who managed to cop eight gold medals, 15 silver and seven Bronze, while third went to one of the smaller schools in the Dieppe Bay Primary School winning five gold, five silver and three bronze.

On the first day of competition the Dr. William Connor ended the competition just two gold medals ahead of the Sandy Point Primary School, but had a flurry of victories on Sunday in front of a near capacity crowd that separated them from the pack to be crowned champions for the third straight year.

Leading the charge for Dr. William Connor were twin sisters Kyema and Kyella Rawlins who were responsible for six of the schools gold medals.

Kyema captured gold in the girls U-13 200m,100m, long jump as well as bronze in the high jump while Kyella won gold in the girls U-13 400m, 800m and 1200m.

Speaking with the Observer after their triumph, sports master and head coach of the school Julian Philbert indicated that this may have been their most difficult defence. “The entire weekend has been rewarding because this has been one of the most difficult and challenging times defending these championships throughout the past three years but with a hard working team we were able to pull it off in grand style.”

He was questioned as to what was the difference between his school and the others over the past three years. His answer, “Hard work! We have put in the work for the past seven years, we have been working and trying to perfect the art and this is just the result of the hard work that we have been putting in.”

Questioned on what to expect for the future a cagey Philbert indicated that their future plans are a secret. “I can’t tell you what we are looking forward to in the future that is a secret but to say we are very humble, we stride in humility and don’t put on any grand performance. We congratulate the schools but as we continue going forward just look out for Dr. William Connor.”

Constituency representative for West Bassterre the Hon. Konris Maynard MP expressed his delight at the school’s triumphant victory. “I am very proud of the youngsters they did an excellent job, they won 19 gold medals, that is really amazing.

He continued, “I am glad to have been a part of it. We helped to sponsor them so they have the best accommodation for the games instead of sleeping on cots we contributed for them to be in one of the hotels.”

He also hailed the teachers of the schools for putting the student athletes in a position to succeed once again at the meet.

“The preparation was good the teachers did an excellent job, the parents were awesome and the staff were excellent and we did it again!”

He then highlighted the importance of harnessing the talents of young people in the Federation. “This is a time where we have to focus on our youngsters based on what is happening around the country and where they have talent we need to make sure we support them in every way we can and I am very pleased to see what they are doing.”

Maynard also congratulated the school and the community. “I want to say congrats to the school and the community and I want to wish them all the very best next year.”