Drunken Sleeper Set On Fire

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By Stanford Conway

The Observer

ST. KITTS–A male resident of Cayon Village is currently being treated at the Joseph N France General Hospital for second-degree burns to the lower part of his body.

Thirty-eight-year-old Owen Hunkins of Cayon Village was set afire three Fridays ago in the vicinity of a liquor restaurant while he was asleep after consuming a quantity of alcohol.

Hunkins said that on the evening of Friday, October 7 after imbibing with friends at a liquor restaurant in Cayon Village, he fell asleep and was awaken by a burning sensation in his left leg.

“Week before the last Friday morning I was with my friends drinking and smoking cigarettes at Monica’s shop in Cayon. After a while night come and my friends say that how they going home. Everybody went away and left me, so I decide to relax for a while because I live near to the shop, but I drop to sleep.

“Between sleep and wake I feel a heat by my left knee; so I catch myself and when I look I saw fire on me and a certain man, who does eat and drink with me and sometimes sleep in my home, in front of me laughing,” Hunkins said.

Hunkins said he panicked on seeing his leg on fire but shortly after regained his composure and put it out.

Hunkins added that he made his way to the Cayon Police Station where he met a female officer who summoned the ambulance, which arrived some 25 minutes after and transported him to the hospital.

“It hurt bad…every night I does feel pain and I couldn’t bend my left knee; thanks to the doctor. Last week Thursday I went in the surgery and the doctor take off plenty dead flesh and I got to go back there again this week Thursday,” Hunkins said.

Hunkins claimed the doctor said that he has a very long time to spend in the hospital before his discharge could be approved.

He was high in praise of a number of friends and neighbours who visit him on a regular basis, noting without them he may not have acquired some of the items necessary for someone in his condition.

“I have to thank God, my friends and some of my neighbours for taking care of me. I am not married. My mother lives in St. Martin and only yesterday [Tuesday] my brother, who lives in the same yard with me, was released from prison and I know that he is going to tell her about my condition,” Hunkins said.

Hunkins is calling on the police to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice; the man who he saw laughing when awakened by the burning sensation in his leg.

“I know that he did it. He does always behave foolish when he drinks rum…everybody in the village know the type of man he is. I never do this man anything. I does give he food and sometimes he does sleep in my house.

“Why he had to do this to me? Only God knows, but I want the police to find he because I want justice,” Hunkins implored.

According to Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Acting Superintendent Sidwin Browne, no one was arrested for the offence but recent information could lead to the apprehension of an individual to assist them in their ongoing investigations.

Burn victim Owen Hunkins may have to spend a long period at the Joseph N France General Hospital.

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