The law that makes it a crime to have sex with a girl between 16 and 18 is dumb, lopsided and draconian. Anybody who believes that a 16-year-old girl who has consensual sex with a man is a victim of sexual abuse or molestation is so dumb that I wonder if is joke he making. Notice carefully, before you shrug me off with a suck-teeth; I said consensual sex, which means that I am talking about a teenaged girl, fully developed physically, mentally and emotionally, ready to make love. She falls in love with a man, yields to the overpowering force of nature, and has sex with her lover. I am saying that this girl got herself into this mix, with her eyes wide open; that she entered into the encounter with expectations of pleasure, and having enjoyed the encounter would repeat it again and again and ask for it when she thinks it is not as readily available as she would prefer it to be. She operates in privacy mainly because, as a 16-year-old, she is still under her parent’s jurisdiction. Her cover is blown when/if she gets pregnant; and then what happens? The police lock up the man or boy, accuse him of having sex with a little innocent girl, takes him to court where the judge imposes a mandatory jail sentence on the boy or man! Fifteen years hard labour! That’s dumb, and I am sorry for the poor boy or man who partnered this sexual transaction and then is called upon to pay for it alone. I am also sorry for the girl who faces the prospect of raising a child without a father for the next ten or fifteen years. Most of all I am sorry for the child who will grow up without a father. Why is it a crime for a girl of 16 and a boy of 18 to have sex? It might be immoral and it might even be sinful for according to the Word of God, this is fornication. But is it a crime for a 16-year-old whose body is fully developed and ready for love to yield to the overpowering forces of nature and do the most natural thing in the world, to make love to a sexual partner? How is this a crime? Apart from sinning against God, who else does this young woman offend? Her parents would be disappointed that she has given over her body to physical pleasure and gotten caught in a pregnancy. She might even be angry with herself that she had unprotected sex and succumbed to the risk of getting a child for which she might not have been ready. Given time, however, her mother would come to terms with the unexpected grandchild and would be looking forward to a fruitful relationship between her daughter and her grandchild’s father. But what happened? The boy or man who the 16-year-old claims to be the father of her baby goes to jail for 15 years. He leaves his girlfriend and his child.” When this child reaches fifteen and he/she is introduced to his/her daddy, he/she discovers that his/her daddy has just returned from jail for fathering him/her. That’s awkward and dam” dumb. Again, I remind the reader that I am not discussing a case of rape or incest. I am talking about two people including a young adult girl of 16 who enter into a sexual relationship voluntarily. Somebody remarked very self-righteously something about innocent young girls being seduced by older men. Innocent? That is a dumb assessment of our young females. The truth is that, outside of rape, no 16-year-old who is not retarded can be seduced by any man. A sixteen-year-old who decides to have sex knows exactly what she is doing. When this big occasion in her young life arises, she already knows exactly what is in store for her. Her friends will already have briefed her or she may already have played some tom-pussury with her boy or man friend. This myth of seduction is dispelled by the 16-year-old herself who will assure anybody that in the first encounter with her male, she was the one who was in control. So why should the man go to jail? This is lopsided. If the girl enjoyed the sex and the boy obliged her taste, why should he go to jail? Not fair. Let me bend over backward and agree that satisfying their natural sexual appetite was sinful and that in our new found piety this sin, against God is also a crime against the State. Then it seems to me that both of them should go to jail. When Adam and Eve sinned, God punished both of them albeit with mercy and grace and provision for their redemption. You know something? God has always looked very mercifully on people who fall into sexual sin. He had mercy on Rahab the prostitute and made her an ancestor of Jesus Christ. You remember the story of David and Bathsheba? Bathsheba had a habit of bathing naked when she knew that King David would be looking over his verandah. Her plan worked and poor King David was seduced by her fantastic figure and induced by his appetite for sex. Bathsheba was soon tripping gleefully into the King’s bedroom while her husband, (she was a married woman) was out fighting a battle for his King. In the meantime she became pregnant and David decided that to cover up the sin, her husband would have to die in battle. Of course God punished King David; his wives rebelled against him and had sex openly with the young men of the neighbourhood. He was left with Bathsheba and her young child which took ill and died. You see both of them were punished. But God was merciful to them, nevertheless, and He blessed their marriage with a second child, Solomon whom the Bible says God loved and who was a forefather of Jesus Christ. Compared to the ways of our Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ, this law was made by men who are known to be very sexual. I remember when Lucinda was a girl. She was on the street hustling for herself at a very early age, and, at a very early age she developed to look like a mature young woman. I was at the court house when the case involving Lucinda was tried. It also involved a grown man who was alleged to have had sex with her. Her evidence on the stand was that she went to his home, asked him what he had to eat, had bread and cheese and Bryson, and then had sex. Her mother found out and reported to the police who had the man arrested and charged. Judge Glasgow heard the evidence and the jury found him guilty. They had no choice; she was under 15. When Judge Glasgow asked him what he had to say before hearing his sentence, he said. “De Boss, is she gee me. You hear she say so.” The judge replied, “Sorry, at her age she can’t gee you,” and sentenced him to a token of six months in jail. Judge Glasgow was a sensible man. That same year he had sentenced Makeye and Clown to six years for either indecent assault or rape. But his heart went out to this man who was really the victim of trouble which entered his house uninvited. So he gave him a tap on the wrist. “”””” I believe he wished he could have sent Lucinda to jail instead, for in truth, she was the naughty one. I wonder what motivates these men of like passions as other men, to make such a draconian law, to fill the jail with lover boys who pick girl friends 16 and 17. It can’t be that they feel it will solve the problem of teenage pregnancies, because it won’t. “”””” To solve the problem of young girls befriending older men or boys and getting pregnant for them requires systematic education, and constant vigilance by parents and teachers especially female teachers. Some kind of high powered campaign must be planned, executed and sustained over time to tell the teenagers, to stop looking boys and men and to stop looking for the men with money to give them fancy cell phones and weekly top-ups.