Eric Evelyn Permanent Secretary in Agriculture

By Monique Washington 

Applications are now being taken for four free agricultural scholarships at the EARTH University in Costa Rica. Eric Evelyn, the Permanent Secretary (P.S.) in Agriculture, told The Observer on Wednesday that to be considered for the scholarships, students are encouraged to complete applications at the Agriculture Department by the July 4 deadline.

Four eligiblestudents interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, have the opportunity to receive a full agricultural scholarship to EARTH University in Costa Rica. Two scholarships will be awarded for the September 2016 school year and twofor the September 2017 school year.

“A citizenhas offered a full scholarship to anyone who has a special interest in becoming an agriculturist,” P.S.Evelyn,said. “Everything is paid. It will not cost the student or the government anything.”

Studentswill spend the first four months at the university learning Spanish before beginning their schooling.

“The students are placed with a family in Costa Rica where they will help them to learn Spanish. When these students return after four years, not only will the have a degree, but they will also have learned a new language.”

“I am making this appeal to persons who are interested in a career in agriculture to take up this offer,” P.S Evelyn told The Observer. “Applications are available at the Ministry of Agriculture, so anyone interested in this opportunity can come and fill out the paperwork, or take it home and return it.”

“After we have collected the applications an Earth University representative will come to Nevis and interview the applicants,” P.S. Evelyn said.“After that there will be a test I have heard is very easy.”

Three Nevisian students, Dezine Smitten, Prince Arundel, and LeronWebbe, are now studying at EARTH University.

“School representatives said they are very pleased with these students progress,” P.S. Evelyn said.

EARTH University was established in1986. It offersa four-year undergraduate program in agricultural sciences and natural resources management. It is a private, non-profit, international university created with the support of the Costa Rican government, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The university has a prestigious, international faculty, providing a world-class scientific and technological education.The university emphasizes values; ethical entrepreneurship; and environmental and social commitment.

Evelyn said last week he and the Minister of Agriculture Alexis Jeffers were invited to visit the university to view its facilities.

“I was extremely impressed with their curriculumand also the practical component,” P.S. Evelyn said.“The degree that they will receive is accepted throughout the world. In addition the students must work in the community in the country.They also offer an entrepreneurial project where they will be trained to have their own business.”