Month of the Elderly

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The month of October has been proclaimed as the Month of the Elderly. Yes, the Federation’s elderly should be recognised for the part they have played in the development of the nation.

It will take more than just one month to give the elderly in the nation their recognition.

After all they were there before us and they kept the country running as bankers, secretaries, bus drivers, politicians and in other occupations. They deserve our respect and admiration for the past obstacles that had to be crossed and for the wisdom they have obtained, wisdom that can only be attained through experience and the passage of time.

So why is it that the Cardin Home for the Elderly is not one of the most distinguished structures in the Federation? Have we forgotten our elderly in the name of progress?

In the month of October, as we celebrate our elderly, the Government needs to make a major contribution.

The Government should set up a special fund for the beautification of the Cardin Home, especially the grounds.

The grass on those grounds should be the greenest in the Federation. There should be flower gardens, ponds with elaborate springs and even a swimming pool or two.

Also shaded areas on the grounds where one can just sit and watch nature in all its glory.

Yes the Federation is growing and developing at a rate admired by most nations in the Caribbean. However, in our development let’s not forget the people who got us here.

That home needs attention. That home needs a crew of four to six people to just handle the grounds and keep the area maintained. Perhaps even a botanical garden will do well there.

Where is the money going to come from? Bear in mind this is for the elderly, so maybe a tax on a service or product will be able to fund such a project.

In this situation I don’t think money is the issue. The issue here is if we are willing to give our elders the best of the best. Are we willing to give our elderly the best possible care and comfort?

Or are we just willing to do nothing? After all, who is complaining?

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