ONTARIO, Canada -– The High Commission of St. Christopher and Nevis has announced the availability of a ACD $5,000 scholarship from EduNova Co-operative Ltd. to study in Canada.

EduNova is a co-operative industry association of education and training providers in Nova Scotia, Canada. With an office in the province’s capital city of Halifax, we are the only provincial education and training co-operative in Canada.

EduNova’s mandate is to work with members to raise the profile of Nova Scotia’s education and training expertise. EduNova’s focus is on collaborative international recruitment activities and the identification of international project opportunities.

To receive the EduNova Scholarship for $5,000 Canadian dollars, a student must:
• Be a citizen of the country of the winning Ambassador;
• Demonstrate an acceptance letter from a Nova Scotia post-secondary institution, language school or K-12 program;
• Be a new student to a Nova Scotia institution;
• Register and maintain full-time student status at the selected institution throughout the use of the scholarship; and
• The scholarship must be used before the 2022-2023 academic year.

The scholarship covers:

Tuition in the amount of a one-time $5,000 allotment to any Nova Scotia
K-12, language or post- secondary school.

How to redeem the scholarship:
1. Students must send an email to natasha@edunova.ca and info@hcstkittsnevis.ca and include all of the following information:
• Acceptance letter from a Nova Scotia school;
• Full name;
• Country and city of residence;
• Birthdate;
• Selected School and program;
• Date you will begin your studies; and
• A Letter from the respective country’s Ambassador, High Commissioner or diplomatic representative to Canada.

2. After EduNova receives the above information in full, the CAD$5,000 scholarship will be directly transferred to the institution of choice for direct application against the student’s tuition fees.

3. EduNova will provide a letter of confirmation to the student and embassy once the scholarship has been applied.

About EduNova Co-operative Ltd

EduNova recognizes the importance of education and training in today’s global economy. When international students choose to study abroad in Nova Scotia, they help connect our province to the world and spread the word about the quality of life and learning found here. When education providers in Nova Scotia take their expertise to other countries, our province gains further international recognition and respect.

Nova Scotia has a long history of dedication to education and we are home to some of the very best schools in Canada. From our public and private secondary schools, to our language schools, community college and universities, Nova Scotia offers some of the best education anywhere, in a friendly, clean and safe environment.

Aside from the best schools in Canada, Nova Scotia also has some of the best education and professional development consultants and educational resources available. Please take the time to explore our website, where you will find programme information: http://www.edunova.org/programmes/