The Anguilla-Nevis-St. Kitts Association honored eight nationals in a ceremony held at the Long Island Marriott in New York City.
Also honored was Anguilla-born Nathaniel Hodge, who co-authored the government coup attempted by the People’s Action Movement.

The coup was said to have been attempted on June 10, 1967.

The association comprises of several national groups of Anguillians, Nevisians and Kittitians living around the world including London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Slough, England; Cardiff in Wales; Europe; Toronto and Montreal, Canada; Washington, D.C. New York, Miami and Atlanta in the United States.
Hodge has many years of service in the field of journalism in St. Kitts, where he was at one time, the editor of the Democrat newspaper.

On his return to Anguilla, Hodge served as news editor and later director of Information and Broadcasting in the Anguilla Public Service.

During his appointment he served as press accreditation officer for the royal visit of Queen Elizabeth The Second and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Later he was appointed a member of the British Empire (MBE).

On his retirement from public service, he began publishing The Anguillian, a weekly newspaper now serving that island.
The other awardees were Anguillian, Dr. Oluwakemi M. Linda Banks; Nevisians Gloria L. Anslyn, Edmund Anthony Sadio and Eliza Osbourne Allan; and Kittitians, Dr. Spencer Amory, Elston Nero, Clarice Cotton and Bruce Skerritt.
The awardees were recognised for having “rendered immeasurable contribution, service and credit to the cause of country and humanity by their personal efforts, commitment, dedication and achievements.”
The association serves as a forum to renew and strengthen old friendships, foster the development of contacts and networking and provides opportunities to participate in workshops, seminars and panel discussions.
Some 600 nationals from Anguilla, Nevis and St. Kitts attended the events.