Elderly Businessman Murdered In Stoney Grove Staff Reporter Story Updated: August 07th 2015 at 1:19 pm
Just before 11am (Aug 7) the body of Albert Myers, a technician at VON radio station and repairman, was discovered in his Stoney Grove home. The victim was reportedly in his mid to late 60s. It was confirmed that Myers’ body bore gunshot wounds. It was also stated that the shooting may have occurred around 1am. How the body came to be found remains unclear. The Observer also received reports that the gunman/gunmen may have taken off in Myers’ black pickup. Police combed the residence for items of evidential value and are carrying out their investigation. This is the island’s 6th murder for 2015 and the Federation’s 19 th . Thus far there have been no charges laid in any of the murders that occurred in Nevis.