By Vernlyn Zakers

Elephant Man was spectacular.

Especially when he called up a little boy on stage to dance. However, when the boy arrived on stage Elephant Man had a big surprise for him.

Elephant asked the little boy if he could handle the ‘tank.’

The boy said, yes.

“You sure you could handle the tank?” Elephant man asked again.

He then called up a woman from the crowd up on the stage. Elephant told the woman to bend over and placed the little boy behind her.

Then they started dancing, with the woman bucking back and the little boy trying his best to keep up with her — which he did.

The crowd cheered the little boy on as Elephant Man laughed and watched in awe.

On Saturday Elephant Man along with Voicemail and Ding Dong performed at Carnival Village. Also performing were a number of local acts.

Later in the show Elephant Man sang ‘Heal The World.’ The emotional manner in which he sang the song touched the crowd, especially when he knelt down on the stage to sing his heart out.

Some people found it hilarious when he laid himself down on the stage to sing.

His fellow Jamaican singers stood there and laughed at him, then removed him from the stage.

The Energy God went all out to please his fans, especially when climbed to the top of the speakers to dance.

In one instance during his performance he asked for a ‘fat girl’ to come on stage to dance with him.

He sang many of his latest like ‘Willy Bounce,’ ‘Signal D Plane,’ ‘Father Elephant’ and many more of his smash hits.

The other international performances included VoiceMail, who did their smash hits ‘Jiggy Time Again’ and ‘Mr. Wackie.’

A memorable moment during VoiceMail performance was when they did a routine called “picture time,” During this routine members did various modelling poses to mimic a photo shoot.

Jamaica’s no.1 dancer, Ding Dong, did his famous ‘Badman Forward Badman Pullup’ dance.

Also VoiceMail showed the crowd how to dance to ‘Mr. Wackie.”

Local artists who perform that night were also impressive.

Up coming reggae singer Arskanas and R&B singer Dagher performed at a high level.

Dagher sang, while his two dancers moved to the lyrics to ‘stop and shake and dance.’

Dagher took the quality level of his performance to new heights when he found his way to the top of a speaker to perform.

It was difficult to believe that these were our very own local artists performing in such an entertaining and exciting fashion.

The show also featured a ‘red carpet affair’ where the best-dressed people were interviewed on camera and given gifts from Cable and Wireless.

Also, Labo from Evolution Sounds was unbelievable that night as he kept the crowd rocking during artists’ changeovers.

Labo surprised a lot of people with his intense stage presence. He kept the people entertained and the energy level ‘up to the times.’

Evolution certainly came hard that night.