Embattled Leader: A New Minister Is Appointed Every Six Days in Castillo’s Peru

Pedro Castillo
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  • President names his 67th minister since taking office in 2021
  • Latest cabinet overhauls come as Castillo faces investigations

Peru President Pedro Castillo appointed three new cabinet members Wednesday amid an increasingly turbulent year of political crisis that’s seen on average a new minister being named every six days.

Castillo swore in Richard Tineo Quispe as defense minister, Wilbert Rozas as environment minister and Claudia Davila as minister for women in the latest overhaul of his cabinet. That adds to a total of 67 ministers appointed by the president since the start of his administration 13 months ago.

The changes come just three weeks after another cabinet reshuffle, when Castillo named economist Kurt Burneo as Peru’s finance minister.

Wednesday’s appointments come as the president and his family face investigations by prosecutors for allegedly participating in a corruption case. A judge in Lima is holding a hearing on Castillo’s sister-in-law, whom the prosecutors accused of being part of a criminal organization led by the president and his family.

Castillo has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and Prime Minister Anibal Torres has called the investigations “political persecution.”

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