By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

With the exception of Sandy Point High School and Verchilds High, the other three schools that participated in the 8th Annual Public Speaking Competition were no match for the St. Theresa’s Convent School. Zoe Gonsalves of Convent was victorious on Tuesday, winning both segments of the competition, the Prepared and Impromptu Speeches. Zoe lead by 117 points, being eight points in front of Elsie Harry, the presenter representing Cayon High School, who took the second-place position.

The other two participants were Ammique Nisbett of the Washington Archibald High School and Azuree Liburd representing the Basseterre High School and the competition was held at the Basseterre High School Auditorium.

The order of presentation was determined by the punctuality of each presenter.

For the prepared speech, the schools were given a maximum time of seven minutes to present and was penalised if they exceeded. The focused topic was; Adults have been partly blamed for youth deviance hence adults are solely responsible for finding solutions.

Likewise, each school was given three minutes to present for their Impromptu speeches and was given only three minutes to prepare just before they were called to present.

All the participants dug out their topics of discussion from a bag just before presenting.

Elsie did an exceptional job as she did her Impromtu speech describing what can happen to our community if there is little reliance on reading. Azuree debated on why it is important for school leavers to have proper job ethics. Ammique described the outcome when society puts too much emphasis on fashion shows and Zoe discussed the ways marijuana can be influential among the youth of any country.

None of the presenters was penalised for any of their speeches.

At the end of the event, all the schools were awarded prizes and certificates of participation. Convent School would receive a computer and its accessories at a later date from one of the main sponsors of the event, RAMS.

The Business and Professional Women’s Club is celebrating 32 years and hosts the competition as part of their anniversary.

Shela Harris, the chairperson of the event said the activity was designed for personal development.

“This activity was designed to encourage students to express themselves in public as they prepare themselves for future calling. There’s a quotation that reads each day you are custom-designing your life, creating the purpose from which you were meant to pursue. Nothing happens out of order. There is a meaning and a message for every experience from the beginning to the end. This activity is in one way, enabling students to custom-design their future lives,” Harris said.

Other sponsors of the event included S. L. Horsford, F. B. Armstrong, Singer St. Kitts Ltd. and the new-comers, Cable and Wireless and Digicel.