End The Smear campaign against Harris

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The Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Vance Amory, on several occasions praised the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. The Hon. Timothy Harris.

He described Dr. Harris as easy to deal with, a friend who is always willing to help with anything for the people of Nevis.

We have confidence in Mr. Amory and his judgment. We see him as an honest, trustworthy person and believe his sentiments about Prime Minister Harris to be sincere.

With the world in turmoil, the region somewhat unstable because of lack of resources and challenges to leadership, we believe that every hand should be on deck to make St.Kitts and Nevis successful in every initiative undertaken. We call on Mr. Condor and Astaphan to rededicate their efforts to country building and find common ground with the unity government which they supported.

The unfounded accusation of missing campaign funds against the Prime Minister must cease now.If there were credible suggestions backed up by records and well documented evidence ,the observer would welcome such details and encourage action as we feel that no one is above the law.

When such accusations are made, they are not limited to St. Kitts and Nevis but go around the world and and the confidence and faith in our prime minister is questioned. His character is damaged, creating mistrust and suspicion from officials and business people abroad. This causes the country to suffer because these allegations can cause some to shun our prime minister.

The Prime Minister should be held accountable for the good conduct of the government but lies and unfounded allegations do no good to the country or even the individuals spreading them.

We believe Premier Amory and the other members of the cabinet that Prime Minister Harris is always accessible to them and is always willing to assist in anyway possible.Claims by past colleagues seem baseless in fact.

As St.Kitts/Nevis chart a new course,build on the foundations that were prepared, all hands are needed on deck to help in this regard.Federal elections are not due for another 2 years and 8 months.Let us put the politics aside and work fervently to build this country that we call home.

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