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Dear Editor:

Regrettably, the media has to reveal the continuous and illegitimate wide spread of crimes in this little federation, and more disturbing to record eight homicides almost within a quarter year. What is also disheartening about those murders is that most of them are premeditated and seem to go unresolved without a trace, and are perpetrated by youthful hands.

The fact is that this has become everyone’s concern because when another victim is found dead riddled by bullets, the entire nation is significantly rippled with its effects.

Just to qualify the above statement is an equation for and will incisively suggest, subtract all the homicides that occurred in the federation over the last decade, then one would realize the findings to be rather interesting.

How many innocent persons would be alive today? What would have been their meaningful contributions to society? How many lives might have been positively impacted by those individuals hadn’t they lost lives as senselessly? Would our economy be greatly boosted by tourism and our fiscal (situation) accounted a tremendous surplus?

I have categorically outlined a few issues that go beyond chapters of a book which would take any writer almost forever to publish, simply to qualify my point that this madness has to end, but when?

Are we going to allow callous criminals to demoralize our peaceful communities with their impertinent acts? It is full time we realize that not only the families of the victims are affected but everyone on a whole. The hoteliers who provide employment on the merit of tourism are also affected. Statistics have shown that a mass majority of the working population are employed in the hotel industry.

Many use the media and talk show programs, blaming the police of being unprofessional, but none wants to voluntarily assist the police with their investigations. The reality is that fighting crimes is not only the job of police.  Everyone has to work with the police to help eradicate, and if not possible, minimize crime.

With the exception of a sophisticated forensic lab and well-trained examiners, the police investigations into such strategically planned crimes will forever be paralyzed. Until responsible individuals with vital information come forward to help the police crack down these criminals, the devil will always appear to be someone else in our community.

Credit must be given to the security administration in collaboration with the hard working police of the federation in implementing the stop and search operations that was successful enough to rid the streets of a number of illegal firearms. The questions that exists in my mind and perhaps others also, when guns arte taken off the streets, how many more are being replaced? Forthright, it is evident that firearms are being smuggled of our shores and end up in the hands of impressionable youth.

The federation is in dire need of cleansing, not only for the criminals to be placed in our overpopulated prisons but for the madness to end and our islands to be restored as havens for tourist destinations.

One of the leading factors of all these gun related incidents and murders is the gangs. Our youths are being enticed by the movies that are shown at the cinema and on the television that they adapted the life styles of gang members, not realizing that those shown on television live to face another day and is full of freedom, unlike our youths who ended up in the cemetery and the prison.

It is full time to reverse this trend and bring this madness to an abrupt end. Victims who have survived gun shot wounds are vulnerable to be shot again since the perpetrator’s ultimate intention was murder. While others might believe that those recent slayings are done as a quest for revenge, one does not gain satisfaction by taking a life for a life. Such behaviour only adds fuel to the flames of misery and can only be carried out by morons.

Any law-abiding citizen who has been physically abused without any sensible cause would take the necessary and lawful steps to deal with such a problem. Only cowards attack by using weapons and all these senseless killings that have been recorded in recent times are all acts of cowards.

I believe that there is a right method that should be put in effect to bring these brutal slayings to an end: all communities should get more actively involved in the protest against crimes with the support from ministers of government and also religious ministers on a regular basis. This may ease some the burdens off the understaffed and overworked police in the federation.

Civilians are now living in fear and what galls me most is when potential suspects are taken into custody and the evidence given is clear enough for a trial, most of them are exonerated by the representation of a good defense and live free to kill again.

We are now overshadowed with fear as the nightmares of crime remain tangible, and government officials seem baffled in finding ways to bring this madness to an end.

Ivan Vaughan


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