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By L.R. Liburd

The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

Last week I did promise that we will continue our discourse on Gender before the introduction of Compound Words. You were however asked to complete five exercises; the first being to copy 20 words and write the after each of them the letter which shows its gender.

Here are the answers:

  1. Niece (F)     Wife (F)               3. Husband (M)           4. Scholar (N)
  2. Nephew (M)    6.  Guest (N)            7.  Spade (N)                8. Bride (F)
  3. Film (N)           10. Traveller (N)        11. Hotel (N)               12. Friend (N)
  4. Host (N)           14.  Monk (M)           15. Lawn (N)              16. Bull (M)
  5. Nun (F)            18.  Princess (F)         19. Secretary (N)        20. Motorcar (N)


In the second exercise, the nouns which denote the following persons belong to the masculine gender. You were required to state what they are.

Here are the answers:

  1. The son of a queen. (Prince)
  2. A man or boy who has done a very brave deed. (Hero)
  3. A man whose wife is dead. (Widower)
  4. A man who serves customers in a restaurant. (Waiter)
  5. A man who has never been married. (Bachelor)


In the third exercise, you were required to state what the following nouns are which belong to the feminine gender.

  1. A woman who is about to be married. (Bride)
  2. A woman who has never married. (Spinster)
  3. A woman who is in charge of a school. (Headmistress)
  4. A woman who has committed murder. (Murderess)
  5. A woman who has inherited the wealth of her dead father. (Heiress)


In the fourth exercise, you were required to state the nouns of the common gender.

The answers are as follow:

  1. A child whose parents are dead. (Orphan)
  2. A person who is being treated by a doctor. (Patient)
  3. A person who is entertained at another’s house. (Guest)
  4. A person who plays football. (Footballer)


And in the last exercise, you were given four nouns that are neuter in gender and you were required to state what they are.

Listed below are the answers:

  1. The instrument used to take photographs. Camera)
  2. The instrument used to record a conversation. (Tape Recorder)
  3. A portion of land surrounded by water. (Island)
  4. An instrument used to communicate with someone after dialling a set of numbers. Telephone)


Before we move on to Compound Words, let us first complete a few more exercises in Gender.

Exercise 1.

In the following, you are required to change each feminine noun to the masculine gender.

Example: The widow decided to marry again.

Answer: The widower decided to marry again.

  1. The governess stood in the doorway.
  2. Hissing angrily, the goose attacked the children.
  3. The bride arrived early at the church.
  4. The waitress served us with a captivating smile.
  5. The mare was harnessed by the child.
  6. The landlady came to collect the rent.


 Exercise 2.

Change each masculine noun into the feminine form.

  1. The tiger is a ferocious animal.
  2. The little cold is no more than two months old.
  3. The middle-age man works very hard.
  4. The proprietor was robbed last week Thursday.
  5. Mrs. Liburd sent her nephew to purchase vegetables in the market.
  6. The heir will soon be inheriting a large fortune.


Exercise 3.

Insert the word opposite in gender to that which is bolded.

  1. The letter began: Dear Sir or …………
  2. The hunter caught the fox, but the ………escaped
  3. Grazing in the Southeast Peninsula were two deer, a stag and a …..
  4. The Pit Bull Terrier dog is larger than the …..


Now let us move on to Compound Words.

Many words are made up of two smaller words joined together. Therefore, a word which consists of two smaller words joined together is called a Compound Word.

For example, house + wife = housewife, bull + dog = bulldog, wind + mill = windmill, and chalk + board = chalkboard.

We will now complete an exercise by stating what are the compound words indicated by the meaning below.

Example: A man who lays bricks.

Answer: Bricklayer.

 A shop within which some kind of work is being done.

  1. A tray in which one puts tobacco ash.
  2. An individual who keeps a shop.
  3. The place where roads cross.
  4. A cloth which your mother uses to cover a table.
  5. The lines at the head of a newspaper such as The Observer.
  6. A shelf upon which books are kept.


In the following exercise, you are required to write the words in Column A in the order shown, then add on a word from Column B to form a compound word.

Column A            Column B                   Column A      Column B

  1. Home              berry                            1. Hand           light
  2. Shoe                hole                             2. Water          board
  3. Book               hog                              3. Steam          worm
  4. Back                sty                               4. Butter          jack
  5. Key                 chair                            5. Moon           cuff
  6. Blue                 work                            6. Silk              cake
  7. Hedge             bone                            7. Side             cup
  8. Arm                 bell                              8. Play             proof
  9. Straw               lace                              9. Oat              ship
  10. Pig                   mark                           10. Lumber       ground


In this other exercise, each missing word in the following sentences is a compound word beginning with foot-. You are required to write the complete word.

  1. Soccer is played with a round foot…..
  2. Shoes, sandals, boots and slippers are called foot……
  3. Robin Crusoe found foot… the sand on the island.
  4. Muhammad Ali’s foot….often got him out of trouble in the boxing ring.
  5. The security guard heard foot…..on the sidewalk.
  6. There are many foot… the mountain area.


Until next week when we will how may questions were correctly answered before moving on to Possessive Nouns.

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